Translations from Spanish to English and back again


LibrePalabra is what happens when two professional translators get together to guarantee the linguistic quality of their end translations by being able to cross-check their work and always have a native do the final read-through. Ellison's an American who's been living in Madrid from more than a decade now and Miguel a Spaniard who lived in London for nine years.

experienced certified translators

Miguel and Ellison are highly qualified translators. Miguel obtained the prestigious Diptrans IoL in London and Ellison studied at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Miguel has an undergraduate degree in Physics and Ellison in Spanish. Both have more than eight years experience in the industry. 


Over the years we have specialized in scientific, technical, financial, business, audiovisual, creative and energy related texts. We also proofread academic work for submission to journals.

Good translations go beyond just a 1 to 1 correspondence at the word level. They come from deep cultural understanding. That's why our life experience, beyond just what we've studied or what we've already translated, helps us really understand and really express true meaning in our work.