Miguel Perez & Ellison Moorehead

English - Spanish translators and proofreaders

I'm a Spanish to English translator hailing from Providence, Rhode Island. I've been living in Madrid since 2003, and have been translating professionally since 2006.


Before leaping into the workforce, I got a translation certificate from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Then I worked for The Boston Consulting Group's Madrid office in house for six years helping ESL consultants polish up their English and translating for clients and other offices. Being in strategic management consulting I had the chance to work in all of the company's practice areas with special focus on energy, financial institutions and consumer goods, but touching on telecom, industry, healthcare and CSR as well.


I've translated screenplays and subtitled feature lengths; translated and localized newspaper articles; children's stories for apps; website content; proofread translated novels; and worked extensively on proofing academic magazine submissions from ESL authors.


Recently, I've been working on bilingual textbooks, oil and gas documents, marketing projects, press articles and legal translations.


When I'm not translating and wandering the world wide web looking into language, I'm studying them. I'm working on Catalan and French now. I also spend a lot of my time like the sad-looking man from La Mancha, reading brain bewildering novels in any language I can handle. I'm currently studying a master's online at the Spanish distance university on Hispanic Literatures (Galician, Basque and Catalan).





I’m a bilingual translator (English to Spanish and vice versa) from Madrid, Spain, where I currently live. I have more than six years’ experience translating professionally.

After finishing my undergraduate degree in physics at La Laguna University I settled for a while in the UK, first in Edinburgh and then in London. That "while" turned into nine whole years!

There I worked as a science and technology technician which allowed me to acquire in-depth knowledge of the English language, both in general and in those fields. I trained as a translator at Westminster University and earned a Diploma in Translation from the Institute of Linguists, with a specialisation in science and technology.

As a freelance translator since 2009, I’ve worked for different corporate clients on documents and reports for multinational companies like BP and Nissan. I’ve mainly worked in the environmental sciences, IT, energy & risk assessment, often on a team with engineers and technicians.

My interests, however, are much broader, and I am now studying philosophy at the Spanish distance learning university, UNED. I’ve also translated in the field of social sciences and research for publishing houses like Volapük and the FAL.

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